Saturday, 11 June 2016

Curate your life!

I've started this blog because I want somewhere to post 700-word articles about exhibitions I've seen. Posting them makes me work harder at them - some of them are a bit niche anyway, and I'm pretty sure the market for amateur arts journalism is more or less saturated so I don't expect anyone to read it.

The above is all partially true...

The real reason I've started this blog and I've hidden my previous one, is because I am looking for a job.

My Facebook profile photo is the same image as on my LinkedIn, because people are more likely to find my personal page than my professional one if they Google me. It has a lot of likes, which makes me happy because potential employers will think I am popular and well-liked if they find it. It's also important that it's not a selfie, and that I look open and positive in my picture, because I don't want to seem shallow or sulky.

I am desperate for people to read this. I want someone to call me and say "Emma, I'm an important art critic and I love your no-bullshit writing style. I want to commission you for something."

The first few things I post will be pieces of writing from the past few months that are now probably now out of date, but I'm going to post them anyway because I think they're not bad - some of them are quite good.

People talk about curating music festivals, and wardrobes, and lives all the time now. I'm trying to curate my online life to make myself more employable, but also I hope that this blog will force me to organise myself to write more and get better at it.

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